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Diamond Smile

goddamn your diamond smile yeah and how it keeps
me at bay goddamn your diamond smile
as our blood flows down the drain because for the
longest while yeah we were our very own Vietnam
still I'd forgive most everything no matter
what you had done

now you got the best of me then you burn
the rest of me and you just fuck the way
I feel

goddamn your diamond smile yeah suppose we
get what Christ deserved it's far too late
to reconcile and now you're the one that gonna hurt

yeah it's come down to this accusations
and a bitter kiss at least I know the reasons
why you're a whore and I'm pissed keeping swinging
and you'll meet my fist and let this love cease to exist
now it's hatred analyzed dismantled oaths
and severed ties baby we're dragging
it around paralyzed so impure so despised
so doomed so void of light it's a wonder
that I survived

goddamn your diamond smile


©2014, Timothy James Swenson