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love is such a bore it's all been done before
our passion is not sacred
I only have doubts of confusion and all of my
deep rooted hatreds
our love's maligned lugubrious and denied
oh honey I tried but I can't fake it
you know the toll it takes
I know what you forsake
oh I tried oh honey I tried

I won't sing for you again
I won't rise with you again
nor will I kiss your eyelids
I won't make it with you again
or talk of children I won't be here
when you get in

see ya friend see ya friend
well goodbye this is the end
I'll see ya friend goodbye baby goodbye
oh I'll see you on the decline

this is the end oh baby
this is the end goodbye friend
goodbye my friend see you friend baby goodbye

repeat first lines and verse

©2014, Timothy James Swenson